Engage great candidates with an HR chatbot
September 15, 2020
by Elena Knutsvik

People want to hear about your company and the jobs you offer, at all times of the day. The problem is, your staff is busy and not always available. What’s more, job seekers are most active after hours, when your recruiters are home.

An AI driven chatbot can help

Mosaictrack's chatbot is different than other chatbots because its conversational. The job seeker drives the conversation with the Mosaictrack chatbot guiding the person to find answers. And importantly, helping great candidates find a job with your company.

How our chatbot works for you

Our chatbot offers three distinct skills: frequently asked questions, question and answer from source documents, and job search.

chatbot engagement, recruiting, and hiring with artificial intelligence

Frequently asked questions may be answered at any time during the conversation. Such as, “can I bring my pet to work”, or “Is my dog welcome at work?”. Mosaictrack is able to understand the differ ways people ask the same question. You simply provide answers to common FAQ. Mosaictrack does the rest!

Question and answer allow a person to find answers to questions contained in documents. All you need to do is simply upload documents, such as an employee handbook, company history, or product description pages. Your chatbot will be able to answer questions that you might not thought of.

Job searches using keywords may also be made. Importantly, when a job seeker uploads their resume, the same AI matching technology will be used to suggest jobs to people without using keywords. They might even be suggested a job they might not have thought of, but would be a great match.

One of the biggest challenges for recruiters is sorting through applicants who are not a great match to a job. Mosaictrack’s chatbot suggest a few of the best matches based on how the hiring team would view their resume. This allows for less irrelevant resume being submitted.

You may utilize Mosaictrack's chatbot on a career page. Or, for example in marketing on email campaigns. To get setup, all that is needed is to paste a few lines of HTML code onto a web page. We can help with that.

How does this work? Let's review and example

Chatbot Hello, welcome to Acme Industrial. Thank you for visiting. May I answer a question about our company? Or, help you find a job with us?

Job seeker Thank you, how are you today?

Chatbot I’m doing great, helping people find jobs. [an example of small talk]

Job seeker Good to hear. Does your company offer maternity leave?

Chatbot Yes we do! [an example of FAQ]

Job seeker What is your most successful product?

Chatbot In 1921 Acme Clean was developed and is still our most successful biofriendly product to date. [an example of an answer from a document]

Job seeker Thank you. Can you help me find a job?

Chatbot Yes! Please upload your resume so I may help find you a great job with us. Or, simply enter a few keywords. Thank you [with keywords, or better, a resume, the AI will find a match for the job seeker]

Please visit mosaictrack.com to learn more.

Even better, check out a live version of the chatbot here.

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