Greenhouse integration to source, discover, and screen applicants
June 10, 2022
by Ed Windgate

Find great candidates with Mosaictrack

Spend more time recruiting people and less time reading through resumes. Let Mosaictrack suggest the top candidates for you.

Find diverse qualified candidates. Mosaictrack creates an AI model to simulate who the hiring team wants to interview.

Mosaictrack integrates with Greenhouse automatically mirroring current job openings, new applicants and candidates. New applicants created in Mosaictrack are immediately sent to Greenhouse.

Scoring is displayed in a range between 1 and 100.

Find, discover the best candidates

Our artificial intelligence technology is able to understand the subtle differences in resumes to identify the best candidates for a specific job. All without the need for questionnaires or historical data.

You will see an increase in candidate quality, interview requests, diversity, and employee retention.

Increase diversity, reduce bias

Include people who would otherwise be excluded. Mosaictrack is able to understand what is being communicated in a resume allowing people to be included based on their abilities, instead of excluded from of an unconscious bias of gender, race, or location.

The first sentence below is from a job description. The second sentence is from a resume. This example shows how Mosaictrack is able to match on the content and context of the language found in a resume. Not just keywords.

Find, discover the best candidates

Manage candidates in Greenhouse

After finding great candidates in Mosaictrack, review and manage people in your Greenhouse ATS simply by clicking a link in Mosaictrack.

Find, discover the best candidates

Personalize emails

Have Mosaictrack compare a person's resume to a job description to create a customized email that will get their attention.

Is your ATS rejecting your top candidates?

Chatbot for candidate engagement 24/7

Our conversational chatbot will help candidates learn about your company and find great matching jobs.

Candidates may use keywords, or better, sign up and upload their resume for an AI match.

Candidates may ask general questions with answers found in uploaded documents. Such as employee handbooks, or company product descriptions. Also get answers from FAQ like, 'may I bring my dog to work?'

Click here to talk with the chatbot.

Chatbot conversation examples

Chatbot Hello, welcome to Acme Industrial. Thank you for visiting. May I answer a question about our company? Or, help you find a job with us?

Job seeker Thank you, how are you today?

Chatbot I’m doing great, helping people find jobs. [an example of small talk]

Job seeker Good to hear. Does your company offer maternity leave?

Chatbot Yes we do! [an example of FAQ]

Job seeker What is your most successful product?

Chatbot In 1921 Acme Clean was developed and is still our most successful biofriendly product to date. [an example of an answer from a document]

Job seeker Thank you. Can you help me find a job?

Chatbot Yes! Please upload your resume so I may help find you a great job with us. Or, simply enter a few keywords. Thank you. [with keywords, or better, a resume, the AI will find a match for the job seeker]

Artificial intelligence job matching

Mosaictrack's AI will match job seekers to jobs they will like. People may apply with just one click. Automatically sending their contact information and resume to Greenhouse.

Match job seekers to a job.

Chatbot helps prepare for interviews

Don't lose great talent because their resume needs improvement, or they are nervous and shy during an interview. Our chatbot will help candidates prepare for their interview.

Is your ATS rejecting your top candidates?

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