Mosaictrack integration with Greenhouse
November 17, 2021
by Elena Knutsvik

Spend more time recruiting people and less time reading through resumes. Let Mosaictrack suggest the top candidates for you.

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Finding the qualified people hiring teams want to interview is becoming increasingly difficult. Sometimes a resume might look like all the rest. We just don't have the time to read through each resume carefully to find the nuance that makes someone stand out as a great candidate.

Source, discover, and screen candidates

Our artificial intelligence technology is able to understand the subtle differences in resumes to identify the best candidates for a specific job. All without the need for questionnaires or historical data.

You will see an increase in candidate quality, interview requests, diversity, and employee retention.

Screen resumes of applicants to give you a short list of people to recruit. Or, have Mosaictrack read all your resumes to discover great candidates for a job.

Increase diversity, reduce bias

Include people who would otherwise be excluded. Mosaictrack is able to understand what is being communicated in a resume allowing people to be included based on their abilities, instead of excluded from of an unconscious bias of gender, race, or location.

Personalize emails

Send personalized emails candidates want to read to get the results you want. Automatically have our AI craft a custom email explaining why a candidate would love your job.

Chatbot engagement

Your chatbot works for you day and night to answer questions about your jobs, company culture, products, and benefits.

Allow people to search and be matched to jobs. They may apply with just one click of a button, and have their resume and profile information imported into Greenhouse.

Answer questions about uploaded documents (i.e., employee handbook or product documentation), and FAQ (e.g., Can I bring my dog to work?). Available from your website, emails, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other media.

How it works

Mosaictrack reads your resumes in Greenhouse with machine learning and artificial intelligence abilities to match people to jobs by simulating how the hiring team reads a resume, to predict who will be asked to interview. No tests or quizzes.

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