Culture match is important
October 21, 2019
by Ed Windgate

It’s not what you know; it's who you know.

Having a recommendation to a hiring team for a job opening is great. Much better than sending out resumes hoping for the best. The reason a recommendation is best is that people like to work with other people who they are comfortable working with. A recommendation says that you would be a good match for the team.

Culture match is important

How do you get noticed as a team culture match without a referral?

First, let’s discuss what a culture match is. It is a word used to describe how well a person will work with a new team. It is not necessarily a personality match. It is more about how well your work ethics match that of the team, and how similar is your communication style.

First, you need to identify the keywords that will get the attention of the hiring team.

Second, what language does the hiring team use. For example, you might say “create” while they say “design”. By including these conversational words, your resume is more readable, comfortable, and familiar to the hiring team.

The good news is can help identify the keywords you have, or you are missing from your resume. You’ll even learn what words you have, that you could change to reflect the job description better.

The even better news is is able to compare your resume to a job to find the culture match by simulating how the hiring team will read your resume. Yes, the patterns and meaning that we intuitively understand by reading a resume or job description, is able to understand as well.

Try it out! Build a better resume, and get matched to the jobs you’ve been searching for. Don’t waste time reading or applying for jobs that are not right for you.

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