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Go beyond keywords, match on culture.
MosaicTrack™ reads through resumes with its cognitive artificial intelligence abilities to find talent matched for company culture and skill. Simply by comparing the text of a resume to a job description.
Go beyond keywords, match on culture when searching for candidates. MosaicTrack™ reads social profiles the way a person does to match people to teams.
70% of people want to apply with their smart phone. A personal AI career agent will provide engaging interaction and suggest matches based on skill and culture. Job seekers remain anonymous, increasing interest and return visits.
Whether a person finds a job with your company now, or months in the future, people remain interested in working with your company by continually engaging with their own personal AI career agent. Mosaictrack’s machine learning understands a person’s interests, and works with them to find their dream job with your company.
ADP Workforce Now® integration
Include people who would otherwise be excluded. Job seekers often express a concept differently from what is found in a job description. Mosaictrack™ is able understand what is being communicated allowing people to be included based on the abilities expressed in their resume, instead excluded from of an unconscious bias of gender, race, and location.
All features of MosaicTrack™ are available while mobile and on the desktop. Stay healthy by being able to work with a mobile device in the office, standing and walking, not sitting all day.
Identify positive, negative, and corporate jargon words in job descriptions. Learn what subjects are most noticeable to readers in job descriptions and resumes. Compare resumes and job descriptions with natural language processing to learn common shared concepts and topics.
Integrate at the touch of a button with your existing systems. Import resumes and job openings for analysis using cognitive artificial intelligence techniques. Also, export job applicants from our mobile apply feature. As well as onboard new hires to your systems.
Spend your time recruiting people, not monotonously reading through resumes. Let MosaicTrack™ suggest the top candidates based on team culture and skill. You will see an increase in: candidate quality, interview requests, and employee retention.
How it works.
Mosaictrack™ uses the latest artificial intelligence technology to go beyond searching for keywords. By simulating how a hiring team reads a resume, you are able to predict who will be asked to interview.

Dramatically reduce the time to find qualified candidates. While you increase the quality of candidates and employee retention. Spend your time recruiting people, not monotonously reading through resumes.
MosaicTrack™ learns by reading your resumes and job descriptions. It understands how to match resumes to jobs the same way a person would for a culture and skill match. No need for historical data, quizzes, or questionnaires.
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Pricing Options for Resume Culture Matching
$270 a month
1,000 Resumes Matched
100 Social Searches
5 GB Storage
5 Users
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$540 a month
2,000 Resumes Matched
200 Social Searches
10 GB Storage
10 Users
Recruiting Tools
$810 a month
3,000 Resumes Matched
300 Social Searches
20 GB Storage
20 Users
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