Why you are the best person for the job
October 21, 2019
by Elena Knutsvik

Searching for a job is one of the most stressful tasks you can do. It's even more stressful if you’re currently unemployed.

Searching for a job can also be discouraging.

What do you get when you put stress and discouragement together? All kinds of bad things!

Instead of focusing on the immediate, think what the future will bring with a new job. A higher salary. New responsibilities and new people to learn from to grow your career. A better work environment. You understand now that the possibilities are all positive!

Why you are the best person for the job

There are two things to focus on while in that limbo stage when searching for a job.

First, you are the best person for the job. Your current job that is. You went through the interview process, and they kept you there for more than a month, then yes – you are the best person for your current job. You had to compete with literally hundreds of other people. You were not chosen by random chance. There were many skilled and experienced people involved in making the decision to hire you.

Be confident, you’re great!

Second, stay focused on your career goals. Whatever the reason you’re looking for a new job, your goal should be to advance your career.

A new job is an opportunity to get better benefits, a higher salary, a better commute, and more time with friends and family. Focus on the opportunities ahead of you and where you will be after you land your new job. This will help you to stay focused on the positive.

Always remember that every new company is being interviewed by you as well. Keeping this in mind will help you focus on your goals.

Write down your career goals. Review them every day. Write down your strengths and weaknesses relevant to your career. Your strengths are simply the abilities you have already mastered. Your weakness the skills you will master next.

When in discussions about potential new job opportunities, don’t present your weakness as a fact. As if you’ve given up. They are opportunities for the new company to work with you as you master new skills. An opportunity to be mentored by people at your new company.

Have all the facts. You’ll feel better.

Let me tell you how you can benefit from using mosaic.ai. It is an artificial intelligence powered app that will help you build a better resume, and also help you find a great job you’ll like.

Mosaic.ai will show you your strength and weakness when compared to a job. You’ll learn what skills you have, and do not have on your resume that you should have. You can even learn how you compare to other people with similar skills.

By knowing your strengths, and what skills most interest a new employer, you will feel more confident in your abilities. Mosaic.ai will also help you prepare for interviews and conversations by letting you know what strengths to focus on.

Remember, the more time you spend presenting your great skills and abilities that are relevant to a job, the less time they’ll have to focus on the negative. You’ll be able to convince them you are the best person for the job.

With all this research, you might just be better prepared for an interview then the hiring team!

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