Retain great people with a chatbot and AI discovery
November 12, 2020
by Elena Knutsvik

When people leave your company for other opportunities it’s unavoidable – or is it?

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When someone leaves your company who was a strong contributor have you asked if you’ve done everything you could have to keep them? Could it be they are simply leaving for a career opportunity outside your company, that they could have found with their current company – but didn’t know about?

How an AI chatbot can help retain top talent

People often think of important questions during a conversation. Yes, questions they might not have thought of using a traditional company career website. This is where a conversational chatbot comes in. One that can help drive the conversation to highlight the benefits of working for your company, yet not take over the conversation making it one sided.

Importantly, people often do not want to publicize they are searching for career advancement. Because this often means a job with a new company. They fear their management may view them as unreliable.

Our chatbot is able to answer questions about your company from a FAQ or uploaded documents (e.g. benefits, employee handbook, company products). And help find job matches with the help of AI. Even to jobs a person might not have thought of as a possibility. This use of AI helps increase the possible opportunities for a person within their current company.

Recommend jobs with AI

As mentioned, people are often apprehensive to contact HR about changing positions for fear of not appearing to be a dedicated team member. Yet, companies welcome people searching for advancement

By learning and asking questions of an AI chatbot (outside the eye of management and HR), people will be able to find new opportunities to grow their career.

Source from your own people

Yes, recruit internally. Match your own people to new company needs. This may be a common policy, but difficult to accomplish.

Use AI to search through current employee resumes allowing you to proactively offer people new career opportunities. This is a great way to retain your current workforce!

Please review our online chatbot learn more.

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