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Find the best candidates without bias
Build resumes that get you noticed. Discover the keywords, concepts, and topics you may have overlooked that you need in your resume to get interviews.
Understand people
Make a career move with your own artificial intelligence powered agent. Plan your career and review the best matched opportunities. No tests or quizzes.
Prepare for your conversation
Yes, talk to your AI career agent on Google Home and Google Assistant. Say, “Hey Google, talk to Mosaic AI”.
How it works...
Before your resume is reviewed by a hiring team, it must first get past screening software. Specific keywords are used to choose the resumes recruiters will review.
Match people to jobs by the ideas expressed. Not exact keywords that may lead to bias

Sentence from a job description...

We are looking for a web developer to be part of an agile team focused on creating great user experiences.

Sentence matching in a resume...

My goal is to work with a team committed to designing extraordinary online experiences.
Compare a resume to a job to find ideas for improvement to increase inclusion
Keywords found...
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • JSP
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Web
Missing keywords...
  • agile development
  • communication skills
  • REST
  • SOAP
  • web developer
Suggested keyword changes...
  • onlineweb
  • techniquestechnologies
Speak their language...
  • committedfocused
  • designingcreating
  • extraordinarygreat
  • paradigmstandards
Find positive, negative, and corporate jargon words in resumes and your job descriptions to help include not exclude

Sentence from a resume that could be improved...

If you’re not interested in my skills as a talented web developer and don’t want to maximize my potential, then I’m not for you.

The sentence improved...

If you’re interested in me as a great web developer , and want me to join your inspiring team, then I’m for you.
Prepare your conversations with words and concepts that interest each candidate that leads to understanding
Conversation starters...
  • enthusiastic
  • great
  • proficient