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Find great candidates with artificial intelligence
Your chatbot works for you night and day to answer questions about your jobs, company culture, products, and benefits. Retain great people, and recruit the best. Answer questions about uploaded documents (i.e. employee handbook or product documentation), and FAQ (i.e. Can I bring my dog to work?). Available from your website, emails, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other media.
Find the great candidates hiring teams want to interview from our aggregated profiles or resumes in your ATS. Our artificial intelligence technology is able to identify the subtle differences that help identify the best candidates for a specific job opening. All without the need for questionnaires or historical data.
Send personalized emails candidates want to read to get the results you want. Automatically have our AI craft a custom email explaining why they would love the job.
Engage people with the message you want to express. Learn the negative, and corporate jargon words you need to change to be better received by qualified candidates. Compare your job descriptions to the thousands of other similar jobs to get the best results.
Review the benefits
Include people who would otherwise be excluded. Job seekers often express a concept differently from what is found in a job description. Mosaictrack™ is able to understand what is being communicated allowing people to be included based on the abilities expressed in their resume, instead of excluded from of an unconscious bias of gender, race, or location.
All features of Mosaictrack™ are available while mobile and on the desktop. Stay healthy by being able to work with a mobile device in the office, standing and walking, not sitting all day.
Identify positive, negative, and corporate jargon words in job descriptions. Learn what subjects are most noticeable to readers in job descriptions and resumes. Compare resumes and job descriptions with natural language processing to learn common shared concepts and topics.
Integrate at the touch of a button with your existing systems. Import resumes and job openings for analysis using cognitive artificial intelligence. Also, export candidates and onboard new hires to your systems from Mosaictrack™
Our customers think it’s great that between 50% to 80% of their resume submittals convert to interview requests.
Spend your time recruiting people, not monotonously reading through resumes. Let Mosaictrack™ suggest the top candidates based on team culture and skill. You will see an increase in: candidate quality, interview requests, and employee retention.
Mosaictrack™ learns by reading your resumes and job descriptions. It understands how to match resumes to jobs the same way a person would for a culture and skill match. No need for historical data, quizzes, or questionnaires.
Mosaictrack™ uses the latest artificial intelligence technology to go beyond searching for keywords. By simulating how a hiring team reads a resume, you are able to predict who will be asked to interview.

Dramatically reduce the time to find qualified candidates. While you increase the quality of candidates and employee retention. Spend your time recruiting people, not monotonously reading through resumes.
Match candidates to jobs
Mosaictrack™ reads through the resumes in your ATS or our agregated profiles with machine learning and artificial intelligence abilities to match people to jobs by simulating how a hiring team reads a resume. No tests or quizzes.
Match with natural language understanding
Mosaictrack™ understand the different ways people express the same idea when matching resumes to jobs. No need for keywords searches.
Sentence from a job description

We are looking for a web developer to be part of an agile team focused on creating great user experiences.

Matching sentence from a resume

I am committed to participating with designers and business stakeholders to develop high-quality and extraordinary online experiences.

Prepare for conversations and write meaningful emails
Customize how you present a job to each candidate in a way they will listen.
Find sentences that will interest each candidate
We are looking for a web developer to be part of an agile team focused on creating great user experiences . He or she will be responsible for working closely with user experience designers to implement rich and exciting online experiences.
Great conversation starters
  • excellent
  • exciting
  • passionate
  • success
  • support
Create great job descriptions that get read
Your artificial intelligent editor will help you present your company in the way you intend. Make every word count.
Find positive, negative, and corporate jargon words
The job in a negative context...
If you're not a great web developer, and don't want to maximize your potential, then this job is not for you.
The job presented in a better context...
If you're a great web developer, and want to work with an inspiring team, then this job is for you.
Artificial intelligence virtual recruiter
Always be available for candidates with job suggestions, company benefit information, or just help in preparing for an interview. Interact with job seekers in natural language with text or voice conversations.
Google Assistant integration
Allow candidates to stay connected with your company wherever they are with Google Assistant on their mobile phone, Google Home devices, car, phone, or text. Just say, “Hey Google, find me a job with [your company name here]...”
Google for jobs
Publish your jobs to Google for Jobs allowing job seekers to review your job openings highlighted in a Google search.
Search without keywords
Match without a keyword search by having Mosaictrack™ compare the hundreds of skills, concepts and topics expressed in each job to your resumes, in context. Using common sense to understand the difference between a web server and a restaurant server. And conversational similarities like “created a plan to…” or “designed a strategy to…”
AI career agent
Offer an AI powered agent to your candidates or current employees to help them improve their resume, advance their career, or just find a better job with your company. Available from a web interface or a natural conversation any time of the day.
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