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How It Works

Would you like to have someone read through all your resumes from new applicants for you; matching on skill, company culture, and team fit? Then, provide you the top 20 resumes to review out of hundreds? And 80% of the time you received an interview request?

If your answer is yes, how would you feel if this new help was from an artificial intelligent, learning computer system?

We are transitioning to a renaissance where computers will work with us the way we want to work with them. They call this the fourth industrial revolution.

No more trying to convince your applicant tracking system (ATS) to give up the best candidates by guessing what combination of keywords will return the candidates you are searching for. Mosaictrack™ is able to learn on its own what your requirements are, and provide you the best candidates by reading the resumes in your system the way you would.

Mosaictrack™ is able to integrate with your existing ATS to make your candidate search as effortless as possible. Also, Mosaictrack™ offers social sourcing based on culture, skill, and team fit as well.

A new generation of computer technology often called near AI is empowered by machine learning, and deep learning. It is a breed of artificial intelligence while not being able to think, feel, or react like a real person; it is able to perform some monotonous tasks that seem almost human.

For example, have you noticed that over the last few years email spam has become almost non-existent? Remember all the jokes about auto correction for text messages? There are not so many anymore, as AI is able to predict what you are going to type next. As well as online stores able to suggest, or predict, what you would be interested in purchasing.

Mosaictrack™ is part of this next generation of office tools employing AI. Mosaictrack™ goes beyond keywords to find meaning and understanding in the words and phrases found in your resumes to predict who you want to interview.

For example, compare these phrases found in two different job descriptions: "We want an excellent sales executive who knows what customers wants, if you don’t, this job is not for you." Or, "This job is for you if you are a great sales executive who fully understand what customers want." Both phrases make the same point, just expressed in different ways.

A keyword search for "sales executive" would return both the above job descriptions. Mosaictrack™ is able to discern the culture expressed in a resume, to match the person to a job based on an understanding of the team and company culture.

Mosaictrack™ is able to read your resumes and job descriptions to learn. We gave Mosaictrack™ the ability to specialize in recruiting. Beyond that, it needs no coaching. Mosaictrack™ trains itself simply by reading your resumes and job descriptions. No need for historical data, quizzes or questionnaires.